Growing the Creative & Conscious Business With Ease

It’s a challenge for you to own your own company, and to flourish in our present world is even more challenging. Many who seed their business’ development in the conventional sense are trapped and deliver not so desirable results. In this new framework that we find ourselves, we have not found the practises that worked yesterday. We can see this in the collapse of the main economies, like the conventional businesses, but not limited to them.

We regard the current collapse as an indicator of what needs to happen next in the structural sense, pointing us towards a new path. Many thinkers, myself included, are very hopeful about this moment. The question is, can your company make the breakthrough, make lemonade from lemons?

My work is very non-traditional, pioneering and emergent. You tell a lot about who you are and the ability to find your way here. I believe you can create the brand that is essential for your creative and conscious business to grow with ease simply because you have found your way to this study. If your engagement is genuine, you should do so.

You need a few things to do this:
*(Aware) Context – some background information to make you realise what is going on
* (creative) A real undertaking – developing new skills – using unusual instruments – Flash inspiration both internally and externally – instil true business growth.
By supplying the very important knowledge to the Conscious Creative, I was forced to write this report for you.
Reading and transferring this knowledge to your organisation will open up new eyes, to see your environment (invoking a deeper awareness) and encourage new acts (invoking a powerful creativity) to experience the world. You’re packed, we’re going to go here!
You need to know the all-important context
The bigger image you need to know is that our society is undergoing a paradigm change, in order to bring things into perspective. Our business and relationships are evolving literally, as shown by the collapse of major institutions (including commercial, political, marriage and social) in our society. It’s no longer working today that worked yesterday. The bigger picture is that the modern paradigm is now being used for success by our creative faculties which have been reduced, minimised or ignored.
Michael Beckwith, a global thinker, called this a ‘birth’ quake as we give birth to a new way of life and a new way of doing business. Those who improve their creative and conscious ability lead the way in this change of paradigm and experience healthy business development, which is not only sustainable, it is improving and improving.
What is really going on? This change in paradigm is significant. Creative & conscious entrepreneurs experience exponential development, showing our transition out of the information age into the age of creativity and consciousness.

Think of this name as a working title which reflects this exciting and difficult time, when person and group paradigms are shifting within and without. It’s a bumpy trip, just like the transition from the Industrial Age to the Information Age. It is people who take care of and practise their innovative and aware skills who lead the way and are succeeding in this transition, so I’m here to help you improve these skills.
This background is not intended to share with you unconsciously, but rather, in order to help you to understand YOUR Creative & Conscious role in the development of this new paradigm. Their aim is to avoid the bandwagon.

The Subtler Change During a transition to the new paradigm you possibly become interested in “knowledge” and “doing,” choose and behave automatically, and inhibit the force of your imaginative faculty if you don’t expand your company effectively.

Since the emphasis has been on the bottom line for far too long, we are now turning to mutually beneficial value and trusted business ties. However, profit is not the only goal of our companies and it is not unconsciously achieved. In so doing, we must be financially responsible.

I assume that many system disruptions are direct consequence of the collapse of relations, both personally and profesionally, thus moving from the old paradigm where the sense of relations has diluted. You see, there is a link between every aspect of our lives, including our businesses. It is the nature of a conscious creation and the consistency of our professional results reflects our relationships directly.
You are more aware than ever that you are able to create quality experiences for yourself and for those around you when you make decisions creatively and aware.

Creative & Conscious Business Identification For years, I have been courageously convinced of the importance of Conscious Creatives in our society and where we go. They really are pioneers in the new paradigm, and the enormous growth of the innovative & aware sector gives us an idea of leadership.
So how do you know you’ve got a creative and knowledgeable business? You want to get one? How do you build one?

Now that you know the meaning and position within the world, let us look at some qualities of the Creative & Conscious Company.

In order to succeed in this new paradigm, you must both be Innovative and Conscious present in your company. First, you want to be aware of what is going on in and around you and your business.
When you look at your situation straight on, it takes immense bravery to be aware and conscious and question the stereotypes and restrictions that have kept on you until now. It is always said, whether you get tuned in or not, that the radio is on. You will be rewarded tremendously when you have the discipline to improve “tune” skills.

The creative piece is the active piece and the ability is unlocked by the creative instinct. Many aware business owners will go deep into the reflective states and will not take the necessary or sufficient action to produce new outcomes. Take the essence of creation for one moment. That’s it. You just aren’t producing if you’re not at work.

“Why” you do, though, is crucial to be linked to “Why.” Creative business owners may unintentionally make the mistake of “doing,” and neither does it work.
The aim is to cultivate and work in collaboration both your creative and conscious faculties. The hunger in and the air out is very much like this. Without the other, one doesn’t work.
You have become more aware of what is happening in the wider picture than you were when you began reading this article. You are prepared to learn how the organisation fits in that particular context creatively.

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