A Residual Income Business Has Multiple Benefits

People are constantly wondering what happens if they are obliged to take a longer leave of absence from their job. Some people ask if they will ever go on a long holiday and still earn a decent salary. You don’t work at all when you are on holiday or on a sick leave, so how do you live without work?

“RESIDUAL INCOME” is the response.

What is the meaning of residual income? You collect recurrent payments long after the start of sales, normally in certain quantities and at frequent intervals.

You don’t have to worry about the above if you have a residual income company. Even. You’ll have to eat the fruit of your work if you are sick for a long time – forbid God -, or if you wish to take an overseas holiday for a month or so. You see, for one week, a month or a year, you have worked and years later you can take advantage of this job.

Even if you intend on working three hundred and sixty five days a year, you will benefit from residual profits. You only make money for the effort you put in or the product you sell for a non-residual income company. However, you can now invest time and money into a residual income company and still reap the rewards years later.

For example, you’re an insurance broker and you’re getting a premium commission. If you persuade the consumer to purchase the policy, the job you do earns immediately. Any time the customer pays the periodic premium rate, you get commission from then on. The same goes for any company with residual profits, whether it be real estate, internet marketing, MLM etc.

You can only make money when you are a daily sales person selling home goods or own a store selling electronics. You just get paid for the hours you actually spend, if you are a paid employee. You would miss your revenue stream for the moment if you plan to take a holiday.

I would therefore recommend that you consider the information above concerning the residual income market before entering a new company. Consider if you want to be continuously attached to work or can take time off if needed and receive residual income from all your work. Consider if you want to decide the duration and length of your time with your spouse. Consider if you want to spend any time on holiday in the year still earning money.

You certainly should examine it if you feel the same thing about the residual company as I do. Many information on residual income companies, especially Internet marketing and MLM enterprises are available online.

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